Eye Surgery Center and Examination in Georgia and North Carolina

The eye is a very complex structure that works nonstop. The retina constantly strains and readjusts in order to be able to make out its surroundings. This includes making out the details of someone’s face, reading small print or trying to make out an image in the presence of a glare. Some people are fortunate and are able to retain 20/20 vision their whole life. Others, however, begin to experience common conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness or myopia. Whatever the case may be, if you are experiencing loss of vision or any other condition affecting your sight, then you might want to consider visiting Gainesville Eye Associates.

The Gainesville Eye Center is a Georgia Eye Clinic where patients can go and have their eyes examined by one of the center’s optometrists. An initial examination will be done to test your eye health and prescribe a solution. The Georgia eye center currently provides the following services:

• LASIK – LASIK vision correction is a form of corrective laser eye surgery designed to restore vision to those suffering from common eye problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. An excimer laser is used to carefully reshape the structure of the cornea.

• Eye lift surgery – Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is a common procedure done to remove excess fatty tissue around the eyes. While this is primarily done to improve vision, many also undergo the surgery purely for cosmetic purposes.

• Laser cataract surgery – Cataract is a condition that causes the lens in the eye to become clouded. With cataract surgery, the lens is removed and new artificial lens are inserted in their place. The procedure is similar to LASIK and is performed using a computer-controlled laser.

• Botox – Gainesville Eye Associates also performs treatment in areas surrounding the eyes. Botox is a safe procedure that removes the wrinkles surrounding the eyes. Wrinkles in this area are common as people age and is caused by constant muscle contraction in the area.

• Latisse – Some surgical procedures are completely cosmetic. Latisse is a FDA-approved treatment for producing fuller and longer eyelashes. The procedure gives you more thickness, volume and darker eyelashes within as little as eight weeks.

Gainseville Eye Associates has clinics in Georgia and North Carolina. You can schedule an appointment with any one of the clinics nearest your residence. The first visit normally consists of a basic examination from an eye care provider. This is useful for diagnosing problems and detecting conditions that you might not even know you had. The examination will also determine whether you are eligible for certain types of surgeries. Some people who are interested in LASIK, for example, may have pre-existing conditions or disease in the eye that disqualifies them from having the procedure done on them.

Vision is the primary sense that humans rely on; it is also one that we often take for granted until loss of vision begins to occur. Gainesville Eye Associates is a center you can count on for professional service and treatment using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

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Gainesville Eye Associates is an eye clinic that provides LASIK and other forms of eye surgeries to improve vision.

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