The different points between skin allergy and sensitive skin

China – We have often heard from other people especially young women that their skin is very sensitive and the little irritation would cause red and itchy on the cheek. In the season such as autumn and winter, people¡¯s skin would be easy to become redness and this situation would be more evident after the blowing of the wind. This kind of skin is typically the sensitive skin which could be used special skin care devices. Someone would have the puzzle that does the sensitive skin and skin allergy is the same phenomenon? The editor of has told us that they are not the same phenomenon and he will tell us the difference between the sensitive skin and skin allergy. On the other hand, if you want to purchase the skin care devices or products which would not have and adverse reaction with your skin, you should choose

The first is about the skin allergy which is the people’s popular understanding. For the professional explaining, the most common name of this phenomenon is the allergic contact dermatitis. The reason about this situation is that it is the abnormal and pathological immune responses of human skin which had been exposed to certain substance. We could give you a typical example which is about the affixing of plaster. Parts of our skin would appear a realm of clear and consistent papules. The severe sit situation could conclude drain. You should also pay more attention to the selection of the Skin Care Devices and products.

The second point is about the sensitive skin which is different from skin allergy. This phenomenon is usually refers to the dryness, peeling, consciously skin tight, itching, tingling and burning sensation of facial skin which had been affected by slightly stimulation. On the other hand, the physical stimulation such as wind, temperature changing of indoor and outdoor environment would also affect the people with the sensitive skin. The more common sensitive phenomenon is caused by the painting of some skin care products or cosmetics. For this kind of situation, we recommend you use the skin care devices and products which from the website Many clients with the sensitive skin prefer to use their products. According to the survey, there are about 40 percent of urban residents have sensitive skin. This number is very huge.

The sensitive skin and the damage for the skin barrier function would be sometimes associated with improper using of cosmetics and excessive cleaning level of our skin. Compared with men, women are more prone to have sensitive skin. The people who have the white skin are more easily to have sensitive skin. However, the sensitive skin is not the skin allergic. If you would face with this situation, you should suspend your previously skin care products or cosmetics and then the discomfort feeling of us will soon disappear. On the other hand, you could use the Face Lift Beauty Instrument and products from the website which is high reputation online wholesaler for skin care products and products with low prices and high quality. Their products would not let you have any trouble about your skin.

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