Landlord-friendly Rental Management Services by Investors Choice

As the real estate sector strives for more and more growth over the course of time, lack of good property managers is being felt as a major roadblock in its movement ahead. Investors Choice Property Management Services have redefined how people manage their private and commercial properties. The company offers comprehensive rental management services in different parts of Australia which meet the expectations of both the landlords and tenants alike.

Filling the void of rental management in the real estate sector, Investor’s Choice comes as a fresh breath of air for both tenants and landlords. More often than not, people who rent out their property find it difficult to manage the tenants and incoming rents. Similarly, a lot of tenants also have issues with rent management. Only a professional consultant can be of help in this case.

Investors Choice is a first-of-its-kind consultancy dedicated to property marketing and acquiring clients. There is a separate team which is dedicated to finding good tenants for people looking to let out their properties. The company prepares a number of consultancy reports for the real estate sector, it’s premium offering being the a weekly weekly landlord vacancy report for individual clients so as to ensure that the maximum rent is obtained.

Clients availing Investors Choice services report that 15-20% lower vacancy period that the industry average according to the data available online on

Things at Investors Choice work in an extremely formulated and streamlined fashion. Dedicated property managers handle landlords’ properties. At Investor’s Choice, it’s about quality and not quantity and every property manager handles not more than 150 landlords which is significantly less that the industry average of 230-250.

Most property managers working at Investors Choice have hands on experience in both renting out and renting property. They’ve played the role of a landlord and a tenant in their lives and thus fully understand the individual needs of the clients. In stark contrast to other real estate consultants, Investor Choice has turned the tables by keeping no hidden fees or charges and no lock-in periods in contracts. This move is set to make it the number one player in this sector.

The goal with which Investor’s Choice works with is to help the clients extract the best out of their property. The company also offers to return the management fees in case the clients are not happy in the first two months of availing the services.

About the Company

Based out of Werribee, Investors Choice Property Management is a rental management consultancy which has been offering cutting edge consultancy and rental management services to property owners across Australia. An award-winning concern, Investors Choice services ar aimed at offering both the tenant and the landlords an exceptional service alternative to typical, clichéd services offered by the realtors. The findings of the Annual Landlord Satisfaction reveal that all of Investors Choice’s clients have said that they are happy with the services provided.

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