Selling your car in California just got easier

When people go to sell their cars in California there are a lot of options. Now, the citizens of the Golden State have a golden opportunity to sell their vehicles in a very simple way. is a new service that is offering a quick and easy way to sell your car if you live in California; sell it directly to them.

There are so many sites on the internet to choose from that promise to promote your car to thousands of buyers across the country. They have you post pictures, they want you to spend more money on upgrades and up sells, and then there is no guarantee that your car will get sold or if it will really get that much exposure at all. There are so many variables you really can’t differentiate between which one is a viable outlet and which one isn’t. has a completely different approach. Instead of waiting around for months, marketing your car online and all over god’s creation, you just call, and sell it to them. It’s almost like going to a dealership, but way better. They have a nationwide network where they can sell your car at, so they will make more money than the local dealer will. If they make more money, then so do you because they can pay you more than the local dealer can give you for your vehicle. Plus they come to you the same day with cash ready to go. All you need to do is call them, accept the quote, hand them the paperwork (title etc…) and then you get handed a wad of cash based on the agreed upon price over the phone. Now that is easy.

So is it worth it? Well it really comes down to how much your time is worth. Think about how many months it will take to get your asking price for your car. You will be showing interested people, fielding phone calls about it, marketing it, making videos and posting pictures and then ultimately you will still be getting ground down on the price. Not to mention you will be driving it around during this time, putting more mileage on it and dragging the price of the car down further. In many facets of life we spend money on convenience, and we’re fine with it. This is a straight up convenience and it does make financial sense. For me, my time is priceless. I cannot spend months and months to try and get top dollar for a car., especially if I want to go buy a new one. I am not a very patient person, so I need my time and if I want something I want it now. Its just how I am built. So if you are anything like that, then this service is for you.

I would recommend this service to anyone really, but I see it working best for very busy professionals who need to sell their car or just want it done fast. Another great service of theirs is the Junk Car Program. If you need to sell a junk car, or have a totaled car, then you can literally sell it to They will buy any car in any condition, and you will get more than a junkyard. Plus they are nationwide, so if you happen to live in another state outside of California then they can help you too. So give them a call at 1-800-892-0137 and you will get the royal treatment and get your car sold today.


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