Assists Over 100 Clients in Fighting the Google Penguin 2.0 Update has been a specialised guest posting provider, and now the firm is assisting its clients in fighting the negative impact of recent Google Penguin update due to weak link profile. has been predominantly providing only guest posting service to date, but now the firm has started assisting its clients in fighting the negative effects of the latest Penguin update due to weak link profile.

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Explaining about the various factors that may trigger a Penguin penalty, the founder of the firm said – “The penalty could be triggered by a variety of factors, and not necessarily the lack of authority links. For instance, if there are too many malware or irrelevant links pointing to a domain, or too many exact keyword match anchor links, such things may also trigger a Penguin penalty.”

When it comes to building a strong link profile, guest posts on popular blogs can certainly be great, but it takes a lot more than just a few links to set things right. And, now the firm has started investigating the link profile of the websites of its clients, and suggesting remedial action to counter the negative effects of Penguin 2.0 update.

The CEO of further explained that most of the clients don’t have an idea about the various things that could trigger a penalty, and rather end up doing something that actually works against them – “We’ve had several clients that wanted us to build only exact keyword-match anchor links, and we reiterated that it’d actually work against them. But, still some of the clients asked us not to poke our nose, and just as instructed. Today, they must have realised what we were talking about.”

Now the firm has started assessing not only the backlink profile of every website that they work with, but also formulating a solid strategy for the kind of links to be built through the guest posts in the most natural manner.

About the firm is a leading UK-based digital marketing firm that specialises in providing guest blogging services and now the firm has started analysing even the backlink profile of all the websites that they work with. It formulates special strategies on a case-to-case basis to strengthen the link profile of every website, and rule out a Penguin penalty in near future.

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