The future development trend of E-book and E-magazine

USA – Today, with the popularity of the E-book and E-magazine, the industry of the E-magazine making software such as page flipping and magazine maker has also become the hot selling point on the internet. Now, the expert from the website which is the famous online seller for page flipping and magazine maker would discuss with us about the development trend of the E-magazine.

The first point is about the datamation operations. From now on, almost all the electronic magazine has established their data background. On the other hand, they also have many data analyst employees who are charge of collecting the product data on App such as download volume, activation volume, start users, active user volume as well as the situation of a number of marketing channels. On the other hand, these analyst employees should also get more detail about the download volume of the content of each publication, the volumes of the completed download, total volume of the readers and even the number of reader for each article. The datamation operation has basically recorded all acts of the entire process from clicking download read and leaving, which is unimaginable in the era of the paper magazine. All of these processes must have the assistant of the professional magazine maker.

The second point is related to the combination between E-magazine and the with electricity commerce. This is also a bright spot in the development of electronic magazine at this year. This way has been cloned by a lot of E-magazines. Because of the professional software such as flipbook creator and magazine maker, the content of E-magazine will show many beautiful pictures. After the reading of the user, they would easy to be created the purchasing desire. Therefore, there would be existed the chance for the combination between the E-magazine and the E-business. The user can click on the button of the picture into the E-magazine and then the interface would immediately jump to E-business platform. There is no doubt that this model is a meaningful step in the years of development about the evolution magazine media.

This model would be good for cooperation between both sides. On the one hand, the E-magazine has opened up a high quality traffic channel with value of products brand propaganda. On the other hand, the beautiful and reasonable content of the E-magazine which is made by magazine maker could highly enhance the user experience for electronic magazines.

The last is about the innovative of advertising forms. You should also pay more attention to the innovation of the form of the Electronic magazine advertising which can not only combine the page advertisement, soft article, video and other traditional forms of combination. You can also have new technology innovation by taking advantage of the mobile terminal interactive features. However, the professional software such as magazine maker for magazine making is also very important.

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