Gil Avivi Wood Furniture Crafting & Design Launches A New Website

When it comes to selecting furniture for homes or businesses, many consumers are forced to choose between high quality custom pieces over chairs, tables, or other items that are often available from their neighborhood furniture outlet at a lower price. Stylish, functional, and durable custom woodworking should never be sacrificed because of cost, which is why Gil Avivi has been a leading designer and furniture craftsman for more than 25 years with hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. It also explains the launch of the new Gil Avivi Ant Man Woodworking & Design Ltd. website, which he uses to showcase his portfolio and educate consumers about the benefits of custom versus in-stock furniture pieces.

“With the exception of the speed of the manufacturing process, there are few benefits of store bought furniture over finely crafted custom pieces,” Avivi said recently. “Each item that I design and build is unique and tailor-made to fit a client’s goals, existing decor, and budget. There also is no comparison to the quality of the materials I use.”

Quality versus Quantity

At Gil Avivi Ant Man Woodworking & Design Ltd. there is no substitute for quality materials and time honored craftsmanship that goes into each furniture item that Avivi has sold over the years. Unlike many pieces sold at retail stores, Avivi never uses particle board, Medium Density Fiberboard, or other wood composites in the framing or construction of his furniture items. Instead, he selects from the best natural wood species available, like red oak, ash, cherry, beech, hard maple, and many others and complements each with high quality hardware such as handles and drawer glides and custom blended polyurethane or other sealants for a perfect finish.

“One of the reasons we’ve been so successful over the years is because we never lose sight that the customer comes first,” he said. “The design and build process is the end result of uncovering their vision, but it starts and ends with what the customer needs, wants, and can afford. There is nothing else more important.”

Areas of Specialty

As a highly regarded woodworking specialist, Avivi is serious about his craft and never stops learning new design and construction techniques or identifying trends that will retain their aesthetic and monetary value for years to come. His areas of specialty include:

• Bathroom Vanities.
• Built-in Units for any residential or business need.
• Commercial and Outdoor Furniture, including storage units and custom tree houses.
• Kitchen and Bedroom furniture.

About Gil Avivi Ant Man Wood Crafting & Design Ltd.

Gil Avivi Ant Man Woodworking & Design Ltd. was founded in 1987 and is located at 80 Clayson Rd, Toronto, Ontario M9M 2G7. The company is a recognized leader in custom and fine furniture pieces for homeowners and businesses throughout the province. If you are interested in a free design consultation, Avivi can be reached at 416-746-3204, by email through the company website, or through Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, YouTube, and Twitter.

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