One of Top Puerto Rico Hostels Offers the Rain Forest Tour at 20% Off

Fajardo, Puerto Rico (May 21, 2013) – One of the highly regarded Puerto Rico hostels Moonlight Bay Hostel is offering a 20% discount on their Rain Forest Tour. By simply booking a room over the phone, guests can already take advantage of the offer and enjoy the natural water slides and pools in the El Yunque National Rain Forest.

As an archipelago, the beaches in Puerto Rico serves as the main tourist attraction. However, the tropical climate also permits the existence of rain forests where flora thrive. Deep within these forests are small bodies of fresh water that are waiting to be discovered, too.

With their expertise in navigating the area, Moonlight Bay Hostel offers the Rain Forest Tour to guide tourists and take them to beautiful destinations that bring a more unique experience compared to a regular day at the beach. A trek within the forest enables guests to appreciate nature at its finest, with each step building anticipation of the final destination.

After the scenic journey through the rain forest, guests are provided with a preview of what lies ahead. A few steps further and a private pool built by Mother Nature herself will welcome them. Tourists can refreshingly take a break from walking by taking a shower under the small waterfall. They can leave their belongings on one of the large boulders around before diving into the natural pool.

The tour is scheduled regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 11AM to 5PM. If their intended stay does not fall on any of the available tour schedules, guests may request for a special tour on their preferred day. Otherwise, Moonlight Bay Hostel also offers the Hidden Beach and Snorkeling Tour on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, within the same time frame.

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About Moonlight Bay Hostel

The bed and breakfast lodge distinguishes itself from other Puerto Rico hostels by designing the facility as a destination hostel. It has a 1,600 square foot rooftop terrace that is readily available for lounging and features a bar, with Full Moon Parties held for free every month. Embedded data.

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