The market share of the E-magazine would face with great decreasing

United state – The following is the content of this news. We have heard from the report of authoritative fashion publication which name is Women’s Wear Daily that the sales volume of the E-magazine has had a great declining. The article has cited the data which was provided by U.S. newspaper circulation Audit Department which we also call it Audit Bureau of Circulations. The date has shown us that dedicated to the sales volume of the electronic magazine has met the overall decline. For this kind of situation, the best online seller for magazine maker which website is has told us that the main reason is the making process.

For example, in November of this year, the E-magazine which name is Vanity Fair has only sold 8700 copies which number is lower than the sales of 10,500 copies from August to October. The E-magazine charm has only been for 2,775 copies which had decrease by 35 percent compared to September. The GQ is the second worst magazine since April of this year. The E-magazine which name is men’s health has been stumbled. Why this kind of situation is very commonly among the E-magazine? Today, we will explain with you one by one.

The first is about the price which is the most criticisms problem. The users do not want to spent 4.99 dollar in purchasing the but entertainment content which could only help them get happy feeling for less than six hours or even less than that. This kind of situation is really unacceptable. In addition, many magazines could be downloaded on the Internet for free and others may be in half of the price. But the free and cheap one would provide us for much entertainment content. Publishers are also difficult to convince those who have already ordered a paper magazine to buy the electronic version for five times of the price.

The other factor is that some of the E-magazine is lack of innovation and interesting thing. If you want to solve this problem, you should select the best magazine maker and flipbook creator

The electronic magazine has ever been the hot selling point on the internet because they could provide us for a similar paper magazine reading experience. But since then, this application has never been innovated. The client experience for the Electronic magazine has never been changed.

However, if the magazine producers want to find the good solutions for this problem, they should change their price and use the good E-magazine making tools such as the E- magazine maker to make their magazine become well-established.

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