E-CIG HUB Announces 10% off Sky Cig Coupon

A new 10% of Sky Cig coupon is now available for the purchase of a Sky Cig e-cig starter kit. Sky Cig is one of the more popular electronic cigarettes in the nation and has plenty of features and accessories. The Sky Cig presents an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

The Sky Cig e-cig is an electronic device that resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, the Sky Cig incorporates the nicotine inside a flavor liquid. When the smoker draws in on the Sky Cig product, the liquid is heated and turns into water vapor which is then pulled into the lungs. Because there are none of the carcinogens present that would normally be found in tobacco products, the Sky Cig is allowed to be used in public places.

A typical Sky Cig starter kit includes two batteries, a single pack of cartomizers, a USB and Wall charger and a portable charging case or PCC. The PCC resembles a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes and all the individual Sky Cig cartomizers are charged within the PCC. Unlike many other e-cig brands, only the PCC can charge the individual units while the larger charging systems charge up the PCC. While unusual, this system does work and Sky Cig remains one of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes on the market.

The Sky Cig e-cigs come with different flavor liquids and feature long lasting batteries as well. For more information about the 10% off SkyCig coupon code and other SkyCig vouchers , visit E-CIG HUB.

Elizabeth Morgan
London, United Kingdom

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