Certificate Of Appreciation For Bettie Williams

Dallas, Texas: Bettie Williams, a renowned internet affiliate marketing guru was today honored with a Certificate of Appreciation by the community residents of her Dallas, Texas neighborhood. According to the sources, she was given the certificate for her work in organizing classes to teach community residents how to make money online with affiliate marketing. When contacted, a member resident said, “We are certainly benefitted by the efforts and dedication shown by Bettie to help people especially the seniors make money online and the certificate is just a way to thank her for the same.”

The appreciation; however, did come as a surprise for Bettie. When contacted, she said, “I am deeply touched by the affection shown by the community residents and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the same. I am also glad that my efforts are showing some positive results and would continue on the same path in the times to come as well.” She further added, “It is important to give back. I am only doing what I enjoy – teaching others the skills that can positively impact their financial lives.”

Sources confirmed that Bettie took upon the responsibility of teaching the elders as she retired just a few months ago before relocating to Texas from New Jersey and wanted to keep her teaching skills sharp, while pursuing her passion for internet marketing. It was then that she came up with the idea of teaching seniors the details related to how to make money online. When confirmed she said, “I am a senior myself, and many seniors are on fixed and/or limited incomes. It is a joy to show them how to make extra income.”

Contact Information
Contact Person: Bette Williams
Email: jonvieve10@gmail.com
Website: http://www.makemoneywealthfinder.com, http://www.findonlineopportunities.info/

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