Finding a Residential Rental Property Online Using is the New Era of Apartment Hunting and Roommate Searching Technology is an online search tool that helps renters and future renters find residential rental properties, for free. Searching for a new place to live or a new roommate to live with is as draining as searching for a new job or career to work at, especially if it is not within the city one already resides in. gives everyone an opportunity to have all the searching tools needed in one place, while also making the search personal so that it is easier to narrow down results and save time by choosing much faster than ever before. is the new national online resource for people that are seeking an apartment, office space, room, roommate and even garages whether the hunt is in one’s own city or well across the nation.

“Every five minutes, someone rents a room.” On, not only can individuals seek and find residential rentals from all over the country, but there is also a “Rent My Room” feature that puts open rooms for rent on the best marketplace for rooms and helps those seeking a new tenant an easy way to get tenants in minutes. Aside the “Rent My Room” feature is the “I Need a Room Feature” that enables those seeking open rooms and/or apartments can list that the individual needs the space, and a landlord or future roommate can further contact him or her.

Those seeking a roommate are required to fill out a detailed questionnaire, so that each roommate is matched up with the closest candidates possible. The sleek search engine gives an option to find a roommate aside from any other search as well. On a new place of living can be found in any area of the nation, and all it takes is to sign up, in which the registration is absolutely free.

“The language of RENT, now widely used in many varieties throughout the world for anything rent. Rentish is a word used to describe a Rent Action,” say the founders of This free national residential rental search resource provides simpler ways for individuals to find a new place of living to call home, whether in the same city or across the country. For more information, visit

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