Morocco Travel: Sahara Soul Travel Offering Jewish Heritage Tour

Jewish heritage tour offers nine days of ultimate cultural experience by Sahara Soul Travel. This extensive tour is one of the greatest opportunities for travel enthusiasts to explore 500 years of culturally rich Morocco Jewish heritage. Visitors, who are planning to Travel to Morocco, will be accompanied by experienced guides proficient in English. The tour covers all the famous ancient Jewish neighborhoods, historical museums, cemeteries, souk bazaars and visitors can enjoy their nights in the world famous Sahara Desert in nomad-style tents.

Moroccan people are extremely proud of their culture and History. These are precisely the things due to which it is respected and admired all over the world. Moroccan history dates back to year 1492, when over three million Jews and Muslims from Spain had immigrated to Morocco. They thoroughly retained their religion, customs and traditions, and these traditions have influenced over five centuries in almost all the aspects such as culture, arts, architecture, cuisine, music, history, dance and commerce. Now with the help of comprehensive Jewish heritage tour by Sahara Soul Travel, visitors from all over the world can experience and relish the wonderful Jewish Moroccan customs and traditions.

Morocco Jewish heritage tour conducted by Sahara Soul Travel includes expert guides and the journey starts from urban areas in Casablanca and the city of Rabat, and covers all the ancient cities of heritage importance such as the city of Fez, 15th Century synagogue, and the holy city of Moulay Idrisss. The tour is especially designed to provide a breathtaking experience to the visitors by travelling through picturesque Berber villages located in Middle Atlas Mountains, Merzouga and incredible camel caravans. The tour also includes Dades Valley before finally terminating at a place of historical importance, Jewish Mellah district in Marrakesh. Visitors will get to experience everything that can amaze them while helping them to know more about Jewish Moroccan culture in a better way.

The package also includes an expertly guided tour to the famous village called Ait ben Haddou, which is an official UNESCO world heritage site. This is also the site where famous movies such as The Last Temptation of Christ and “Lawrence of Arabia” were shot. This is a land-only nine day tour and will be conducted in air conditioned luxurious vehicles with English speaking drivers.

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