Sunmed Mobility Advises Consumers How to Choose a Scooter to Enhance Mobility

Sunmed Mobility, a leading provider of electric wheelchairs , handicap scooters, and other mobility devices, is advising consumers how to choose a scooter to enhance their mobility. With these types of mobility devices, many patients can live independent and productive lives. However, choosing a power scooter, portable wheelchair or other mobility product is not a decision to be taken lightly or made quickly.

Any electric mobility scooter or travel wheelchair represents a significant investment, so choosing a travel scooter should always be done with the help of professionals.
Sunmed Mobility is a leading vendor of all types of mobility products. Sunmed Mobility offers several tips for those chose are choosing a scooter, including:

• Consider the weight capacity. A scooter will sustain many hours of riding wear, so choosing the right weight capacity is important. Users should be honest about how much they weigh as well as adding for additional weight such as backpacks or bags they routinely carry.

• Consider your height. While seats and hand controls on scooters are often adjustable, very tall or very short users may have trouble with the way a scooter “fits” their frames. It is important to choose a scooter that can be adjusted or fits large or small frames.

• Consider the terrain. Scooters that are used primarily indoors need a tight turning radius. Many users prefer the maneuverability of a three-wheeled scooter for indoor use. On the other hand, if the user regularly travels outdoors and over rough terrain, a four-wheel scooter provides better stability.

• Consider travel distance. Driving around a store or your home does not take much battery power, but a long day at the mall or an amusement park will drain a small battery. For long-distance travel, battery power should be an important consideration.

• Consider the portability. If a scooter is used primarily in the home, heavier, less portable units may be a good choice but for users who want to travel with their scooters, lightweight and portable models are best. Many scooters break apart easily into pieces to transport in smaller spaces. Lightweight scooters are much easier to lift into trunks or vans, as well.

• Consider comfort. A scooter should support the user’s weight comfortably with strong lumbar back support and a seat cushion that is soft but firm. Foot rests should be sturdy and at the right angle to prevent strain on the knees or ankles, and hand controls should be easy to reach and easy to manipulate.

Sunmed Mobility has professionals available to help families and patients make the perfect scooter choice. With the help of Sunmed Mobility, customers can find the right scooter at an affordable price.

About Sunmed Mobility:

Sunmed Mobility offers a wide range of mobility products including manual and electric wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps and lifts, power scooters and lift chairs. Sunmed Mobility can help individuals who need mobility assistance find the perfect products to meet their needs.

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