Clear White Teeth Announces Product Expansion to Include Peroxide Free Kits and Updated Website

Southampton, UK – Clear White Teeth , is the leading supplier of whitening kits in the UK that are dentist approved for home use. The company has recently updated their website to improve site navigation and ease of use as well as added to their product line. In compliance with all guideline and recommendations of the law, the site now offers only products that are free of hydrogen peroxide. The company is a prominent online retailer of whitening applications that are an affordable, safe alternative to peroxide based products that can be provided only by a dentist. The company’s kits offer lasting results that feature no sensitivity at a low cost.

Clear White Teeth is a respected resource for those individuals who desire a vast array of whitening products that will lighten the shade of their teeth fast and without harm. The company provides numerous categories to assist their clients to easily receive the best possible results. Product categories include gel based teeth whiteners, all-in-one complete teeth whitening kits, and foam form daily whitening products. Each product is hydrogen peroxide free so that customers can rest easy and not worry about harming their teeth or causing sensitivity while they are achieving fast whitening results.

Most customers’ find these teeth whitening kits to be very helpful and easy to use. The kits are packaged to be complete so that customers can get quick and harmless results that leave them smiling. These kits include the hydrogen peroxide free formulas that safely whiten teeth, as well as all of the tools that an individual needs to ensure fast, safe, reliable, results when bleaching their teeth from home. The company also offers whitening foam that quickly and easily cleans and whitens teeth and is safe to use on a daily basis.

In addition to these safe and effective, low-cost products, the company also offers their customers additional assistance by providing helpful articles about the teeth whitening process on their website. These articles educate customers about the types of whitening products for teeth that are available and also provide step by step instructions for the teeth whitening process at home. In addition to this helpful information, the company features an easy ordering process, top-notch customer service, as well as technical support should a customer have questions or need additional assistance when ordering a teeth whitening product.

The company often receives feedback due to their low prices, exceptional service and trusted products. This recent customer comment is typical of the compliments that they receive, “Your product did exactly what it said on the tin – instantly whiter and the results lasted for at least 3 months! I must say the whitening foam also made a big difference in the long term, and would greatly recommend using both,” said Sean W. from London.

To find out more about this company is helping customers safely and effectively whiten their teeth at a low cost, please visit the company’s website at

About Clear White Teeth

Clear White Teeth is a leading UK online retailer that assisted thousands of customers to lighten their teeth and achieve long lasting results without harm and at a low cost. The company provides complete kits and other products that can help people to bleach their teeth at home without using harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. By offering dependable, affordable products and helpful customer support the company has become the UK’s number one online retailer of safe, low cost home whitening products for the teeth.

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