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Aberrant Sole is a business owned by CEO Nina Charles. All her life, her sick obsession has been with all things unique and creative. Her absolute favorite items have been SHOES; those that allowed her to express the creativity and happiness she feels within and talks to her spirit. The ones that make people STOP and take a second look. This brings absolute joy to her “sole.”

Aberrant Sole was established for shoe addicts who share in her addiction. A place where you are never judged (Matthew 7:1) and free to buy whatever your heart desires.

Aberrant being defined as: deviating from the ordinary.

Sole referring to:
1. being the only one of the kind; unique; unsurpassed; matchless
2. footwear on which the sole rests

If you have ever came across sites such as www.solestruck.com , www.yellowplum.com , www.tiltedsole.com , then you are going to absolutely fall in love with http://aberrantsole.com

They are among one of the first in the U.S. to carry the Mojito by “Julian Hakes.” Hake’s debut shoe collection has been widely recognized across the globe. His “Mojito” shoe won the prestigious Drapers Footwear and Accessories Award in 2012.

Women’s designer shoes, Irregular Choice shoes, Dolce Vita shoes, Miista shoes and BE&D are just some of the many lines that are carried on this online shoe boutique.

Also Aberrant Sole was just featured in http://lifeandstylemag.com with Mojito shoe.

CEO Nina Charles’s passion is to feed the obsessions of all those who share in this addiction of anomalous objects from around the world!

Providing support for shoe addicts with the launch of http://aberrantsole.com

Remember: “Life is short, BUY THE SHOES!”

They are excited to fulfill the craving desire of your shoe addiction. Visit them today and walk away with amazing shoes that both feel and look good.

Media Contact:
Nina Charles
Address: 8553 N. Beach St. #240
Ft. Worth, TX 76244
Email: info@aberrantsole.com
Website: http://aberrantsole.com

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