Eric Javits Presently Produces Some of the Very Best Designer Handbags for Woman

Eric Javits is a world renowned fashion designer that is best known for his stunning Designer Handbags For Woman. He also designs footwear and small accessories that most sophisticated women truly appreciate. He learned his craft at the Rhode Island School of Design and later started his own business in 1985 designing and selling woman’s hats.

His creations are known to be both extremely glamorous as well as highly functional. His hats are worn by celebrities including some of the most recognized movie and music stars, royalty, and high society woman in the world. One of his most famous creations is called the Squishee® hat, which is said to have changed the industry. What made it so revolutionary is that the hat could be rolled up for traveling, and it would then return to its original shape when it was time to wear it.

Eric’s hats are presently sold in only the most exclusive and finest specialty shops and department stores in the US. They have also been featured in many of the world’s most recognized magazines including Town & Country, Elle, Vogue, W magazine, Vanity Fair, and Bazaar.

Believe this or not, the very first hat that Eric designed was for a person that was having trouble getting into New York’s Studio 54 club which was the place to be seen back in the late 1970’s. When the woman showed up at the club wearing his hat, the doorman was so impressed, that he immediately moved her to the front of the line and allowed her into the club.

If you would like to know more about Eric Javits handbag collection you can check them out on his website, which can be reached by using the following URL On his site, it is now possible to actually purchase many of his latest creations. The first thing that you need to do if you are interested in acquiring some of his products, is to setup a personal shopping account.

To do that, you will first have to fill out a short form that lets the company know your name, address, and email. After you submit your application, they will then send you an email almost instantly asking you to confirm your information. So, please be sure to check your email and click on the confirmation button. Once that is completed, you will then be able to select any item that you want, pay for it, and have it shipped to your residence in just a couple of days.

The site also has a section called the “Hat Library”, where you can review their summer, fall, and couture collections. If you are interested in their designer woman’s handbag collection, you can also look over their selection and purchase anything that you find interesting.

Eric Javits is without question one of the finest woman’s fashion designers in the world at the present time. With his new website, he has now made it incredibly easy for any woman to wear one of his creations, regardless of where they live.

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