HealthQuest’s Advanced Orthopedic Treatment Helping to Restore Maximum Function

HealthQuest, a leading multi-disciplinary health care center located in Brooklyn, New York is providing effective orthopedic treatment using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The advanced therapies offered by the center’s orthopedics department helps patients maximize function and mobility. Specialties here include sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, foot and ankle, spine, hip knee and hand related problems.

People of all ages can get effective orthopedic treatment for back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip derangement, sports injuries, and osteoporosis at this professional healthcare center. The experienced orthopedic specialists are focused on delivering personalized treatment and orthopedic care for the most effective outcome.

The orthopedic programs at HealthQuest are designed to provide optimal results with minimal complications. Both minimally invasive and surgical treatment options are offered including

• Meniscal procedures
• Reconstructive and spinal surgeries
• Hip resurfacing
• Microfracture surgery
• Arthroscopic surgery
• Gender knee replacement surgery
• Hand and shoulder surgery
• Articular knee cartilage repair
• Foot and ankle surgery
• Joint replacement surgery
• Corrective surgery for scoliosis
• Limb surgery

To create customized pain management solutions, each patient’s condition is first carefully evaluated. The specialists determine the root cause of the problem through a complete physical examination and diagnostic modalities such as X-rays, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or bone scans. Effective treatment is provided for orthopedic disorders such as bone fractures, contusions, torn ligaments, osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, osteomyelitis and tumors.

The effective blend of world class technology and specialized orthopedic treatment at HealthQuest helps patients regain strength, enhance mobility, and maximize range of motion. Pain management programs are offered to help them deal with pain arising from degenerative diseases and other conditions.

About HealthQuest

HealthQuest is a leading multi-specialty healthcare centre in Brooklyn New York. Besides orthopedics, the other specialties here include physical therapy, spinal decompression, rehabilitation, slip fall prevention and much more.

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