Honest John’s Offers Low Freon Prices to Consumers

Las Vegas, Nevada — Las Vegas carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning company, Honest John’s is announcing a summer special to offer Freon at low prices. For only $35 per pound, customers can obtain the Freon that they need to service their older R-22 HVAC units. As these units are increasingly phased out, prices will soar even higher, but Honest John’s will continue to offer its customers the same low prices.

Due to new governmental regulations, many homeowners are being forced to reassess their home HVAC systems. As R-22 units are phased out and R-410a units become standard, the price of Freon is predicted to rise drastically. Prices for Freon are already four times what they were a year ago and experts predict they will continue to rise. Currently, HVAC repair companies are charging between $90 and $120 per pound for Freon. In response, Honest John’s is offering Freon at only $35 per pound to assist consumers. This commitment to offering low prices every day is what Honest John’s is known for. When customers need air duct cleaning in Nevada , they turn to Honest John’s for a solid and dependable reputation.

In addition to these low prices on Freon, Honest John’s can offer consumers multiple ways to lower costs. First, by utilizing air duct cleaning in Henderson homes, homeowners are able to make their old units function more effectively and last longer. This saves tremendous costs in replacement and allows homeowners to enjoy a better-functioning HVAC unit. Cleaning air ducts removes the dust and debris that can lead to failure of the unit, making the entire system work better and more effectively.

Honest John’s can also offer replacement Freon at only $35 per pound for those who need to recharge their systems. Honest John’s makes Freon available as part of its commitment to total care of the HVAC system of which cleaning is only one part. With a good cleaning, homeowners can extend the life of their units and keep them running well for several years longer. However, it does no good to save a unit that uses R-22 coolant if none is available.

Honest John’s is committed to keeping the price of Freon low for customers with R-22 units by offering it at less than half of the price of HVAC repair dealers. With Freon available at only $35 per pound as long as it lasts, Honest John’s can help homeowners cut the cost of repairs to their unit in half and extend the life of their R-22 units as long as possible.

When the time comes to replace the unit with an R-410a unit, Honest John’s can continue to offer air duct cleaning for many years to come.

About Honest John’s:

Honest John’s offers services including carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV , and air duct cleaning in Las Vegas. With the help of Honest John’s, homeowners can remove allergens and irritants from carpets, upholstery and air ducts easily and create a safer, healthier home environment for their families.

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