Leawo AOL Radio Recorder Gets Officially: Record Any AOL Music for Free Offline Music Listening

Shenzhen, China, June 3, 2013 – Have the hobby of listening to the internet radio station AOL Radio and always find stunning tracks but cannot download them for offline tuning? Leawo Software, a world-renowned multimedia software provider, today announced with pride that its preeminent, only $9.95 priced music recorder software could fully serve as a superior AOL Radio Recorder, to help AOL radio fans record streaming music from AOL radio station freely and get free music listening offline.

Remember the good days when anyone could download any song from any band for free? Sadly those days are gone with the wind. Now music addicts have no choice but to spend a fortune, or even empty their wallets to purchase beloved songs for daily offline enjoyment. Although now more and more people turn to tune in their favorite tracks online to save money, and there are more websites than ever that offer premium quality music for absolutely no price whatsoever, there is still no way for people to free download favorite songs from those online streaming music services for offline enjoyment. And AOL radio is no exception as well.

For people who like listening to the AOL radio stations, or regularly visit AOL radio to stream music but are unwilling to pay streaming for on the go enjoying, recording music from AOL radio for later or on-the-go tuning is indeed a great way. That being said, the newly released Leawo Music Recorder is such a great streaming AOL radio recorder to help AOL radio fans record thousands of music or radio sources from AOL Radio, and quickly build up a collection of digital music for offline enjoyment in a totally legal way.

As the best music recording software thus far, Leawo Music Recoder could not only perform as an AOL Radio Recorder to record music and radio from AOL Radio, but additionally serve as YouTube Audio Recorder, Last.fm Music Recorder, etc. to get music off these giant music or radio sites in the easiest, safest and fastest way. With this AOL Radio recorder, sounds can be quickly recorded in 1:1 high quality. Besides, AOL fans could apply this audio recording software as a built-in recording task scheduler to get desired music segment via setting recording start time and recording duration. So surprising, this AOL Radio recorder could even let music lovers tag recorded music with artists, album covers and names and more.

Now interests have been sparked by this amazing music recorder software? A piece of excited news should be shared here. To let more music addicts fully experience the impressive features of Leawo Music Recorder, currently the software giant Leawo share this music recording software as a hugely 50% price off discount offer. People showing great interests in this music recorder software could pay a direct visit to the activity page and take use of the Leawo Music Recorder coupon code MRW50 to shop for it at a super-low price $9.95. In addition to the Music Recorder 50% off special offer, another 3 smash hits from Leawo, including Leawo Blu-ray Player, Leawo iTransfer and Leawo Video Converter Pro also join in this grand promotion with totally 50% price cut.

About Leawo Software:
Leawo Software, specialized in multimedia software field for years, announced to the world that its newly released music recorder software could perfectly function as an AOL radio recorder to free record AOL radio music for offline enjoyment. This highly praised AOL radio recorder is now rewarded as an ultra-low $9.95 special offer to benefit all AOL radio fans. For more details, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/music-recorder-win/.

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