Buah Naga, the Magical Fruit with Lot of Health Benefit and Nutrition

Fruit is one of the best foods that are good for health and body. And, if we talk about fruit, there will be many kinds of fruits that can be said as best fruit for health. However, one of the best fruit for health is Buah Naga. Buah Naga or Pitaya or Dragon fruit is known as the magical fruit that has lot of health benefits. People say that this fruit is rare fruit. Actually, in tropical area, this fruit can be found easily. What makes this fruit rare is maybe the nutrition that this fruit has.

Buah Naga has lot of different nutrition that can be said as the best nutrition for body health. First is the Vitamin C. the amount of Vitamin C inside Dragon Fruit is 3 times richer than Vitamin C in carrot. Therefore, this fruit is good choice for increasing body immune system. It’s also good for body recovery after exercise or sick. This fruit also has lot of fiber. Expert says that the fiber in this fruit is good choice for diet needs. More than that, this fiber will be a good choice for cleaning the digest system. More than that, the fiber in Dragon fruit also becomes good treatment for constipation. Although tomato and watermelon is known as the most watery fruit, Dragon Fruit also can be considered as fruit that has lot of water in it. This is good properties that make this fruit become delicious meals after exercise or physical activity. Dragon Fruit consist of quite a lot of iron. This means this fruit is good for curing anemia. Like other fruit, the best way to get all of those nutrients is by consuming this fruit without too much processing it or eats it raw. And, the taste of this fruit is actually delicious.

Basically, Buah Naga is the fruit that all people need to try even once. And it would be better, if this fruit is included in daily menu, because there are lots of benefits that it has. Talk about health benefit of Dragon fruit, there are some of them that can be said as magical benefits. The first one is the anti-aging benefits. The high antioxidant that this fruit has made those benefits is possible to get. The high antioxidant that this fruit is also becomes one of great benefit that it offers as the cancer prevention property. This substance can suppress the growth of cancer cell, which where the magical fruit name for this fruit came from.

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