Firm Offers Lean Healthcare Training to Help Improve Efficiency

Reno, Nevada (May 16, 2013) – Creative Effective Organizations, or CEO, is offering Lean healthcare training to hospitals and other medical organizations. Initially utilized in the Toyota Production System, the Lean philosophy and tools is now being introduced and integrated into the medical industry by CEO founder Ileana Vassiliou with an aim to help practices improve business processes and efficiency.

With over 25 years of progressive leadership, business experience and working with various Fortune 500 companies, Vassiliou has been incorporating Lean in the companies with which her firm has worked. After a discussion with her teammate Brian Dail, she realized that something is missing in the implementation of Lean in the healthcare sector. This is when she decided to actively help hospitals and medical facilities benefit from the Lean and created the Lean in Healthcare Program.

The Lean in Healthcare is designed to streamline procedures and make a facility work more efficiently to allow them to better serve their patients. The program looks to make better use of staff time consumed with tasks and put a focus on value added activities. For instance, a doctor submitting their patient’s prescription to the latter’s chosen pharmacy even while they are still conducting the check-up. Thus, by the time the patient arrives at the pharmacy, the prescribed medicines and other supplies are already prepared.

The program focuses on how facilities can organize a workspace and improve the flow of activities. It also helps eliminate waste while optimizing results, and more. Implementing Lean in Healthcare can significantly increase the quality of care, promote patient satisfaction, and help a medical facility garner higher HCAHP scores and revenue.

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CEO is a consulting firm specializing in organizational effectiveness. One of their focuses, Lean in Healthcare, provides extensive training to hospitals and other medical facilities to help improve their processes and increase both customer satisfaction and revenue. Embedded data.

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