Fortends Solar Offers A Range of Superb Wholesale Solar Products

Fortends Solar Offers A Range of Superb Wholesale Solar Products

May 31, 2013- Holden Hill, South Australia, Australia– the leading online firm that provides the best solution to reduce global warming and climate change- Fortends Solar– has offered a range of superb wholesale solar products.

Solar power is everywhere and is growing everyday. The solar power is produced simply by using the sun’s natural heat to product electricity. When you opt to make use of solar energy to power your home, you can help save mother earth. It is because solar power cannot harm the earth in ways that other methods and source of power can.

A growing number of households are already using solar energy to power up their entire home and even share it to their community too. Now if you wish to switch to solar power now and would want to purchase only the best wholesale solar equipment to power your home, you can purchase them at Fortends Solar.

We are a direct importer and manufacturer for all our solar and LED equipment and accessories, in the past era of the young solar market we have been here working with different groups of solar and energy merchants in providing the absolute best service and reliability to this growing industry. We are a solar wholesaler that services Australian companies and individuals that do not only look for competitive pricing but who are also looking for a personal relationship with their suppliers,” said Fortends Solar

Fortends Solar offers you the following products:


  • PV Solar Modules

  • Solar Inverters

  • CEC Compliance Railing

  • Solar Railing List

  • IC Lights Led Range

  • Solar Accessories

  • Ground Mount Systems

  • Full System Kits

Unlike some other solar suppliers you won’t be interacting with a sales consultant or order taker that changes on a monthly basis, here at Fortends Solar we have a tight family orientated business mentality where you deal with founders and managers only. The benefits of this style of relationship speaks volume in understanding your pipelines and your business needs. So give us a call today and let us assist you with all your solar and LED lighting requirements,” they added

To purchase wholesale solar you can give Fortends Solar a call at Phone: +61 8 7225 8178 Email: or log on to Embedded data.

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