Seeking Legal Representation and Consultation in a DUI Arrest

DUI is no laughing matter and carries with it stringent penalties. First time offenders face a possible probation that may range anywhere from three to five years. Other potential penalties include fines of up to $1,800, a six months license suspension and mandatory DUI school. In some cases, the offender may be able to reduce the sentence in exchange for community service. Whatever the case may be, a DUI is a serious offense, and if you are pulled over and subsequently placed in cuffs and arrested, then you need to contact a Hollywood DUI Lawyer.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin is one law firm you can contact in the event of a DUI arrest. Jonathan Franklin is a criminal defense lawyer who previously worked as a prosecutor. His extensive knowledge of California law makes him the go-to person if you need a DUI defense attorney Hollywood.

While you may certainly choose to represent yourself in court, it is hardly ever a good idea to do so. DUI defense lawyers Hollywood can counsel you on law. This is very important because California DUI law is very complex, and your lawyer can explain the provisions in layman’s terms. This enables you to better understand your situation so you can intelligently explore your options.

No two DUI cases are alike, and while anything can go wrong, DUI defense attorneys Hollywood that are worth their salt should be able to adequately prepare you for your day in court. This includes explaining proper courtroom etiquette, what to say and not to say, how to respond to a judge’s questions and what you can expect from the prosecutor. Steer clear of DUI defense attorneys Hollywood that promise you an acquittal or a good outcome because there is no such thing as an airtight case.

Good Hollywood DUI defense lawyers will use any legal means needed to have your case annulled or have your penalty reduced in the event that you are found guilty. During your case, the attorney may gather evidence to prove your innocence. This may include getting your blood alcohol retested by a private laboratory or examine the conduct of the arresting officer to see if proper procedures were followed. Reconstruction experts may also be called in to recreate the scene.

A Hollywood DUI defense lawyer will remain by your side even in the event that you are convicted. Your attorney will continue to represent you during the penalty phase of the trial. If you are a first time offender, then your lawyer may be able to prevent you from facing jail time and minimize the length of your license suspension and probation period.

Jonathan Franklin has represented countless clients as a Hollywood DUI Attorney. Being a former prosecutor, he can anticipate the prosecutor’s moves and respond accordingly with his own evidence that proves your innocence. While even the best lawyers cannot guarantee you a positive outcome, Jonathan Franklin has always helped and remained by his clients’ side starting from the beginning of their arrest to the end of the trial.

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