Pro Excellenece Offers Team Assessment to Improve Sales Performance

Guildford, Surrey (May 10, 2013) – Pro Excellence, a highly regarded sales growth consultancy, is offering comprehensive team assessments to determine how to improve sales performance. Through the service, the firm helps clients with insights and recommendations on concrete action plans.

Sales are what keep a company stable and financially viable. If the sales team is inefficient, a business will face significant difficulties in funding their daily operations. In contrast, effective salespeople greatly contribute to a firm’s growth, providing the company with more resources that they can use to move forward and engage in further development.

With the assessment service, Pro Excellence can help businesses determine the key problems affecting their performance. By thoroughly evaluating the prime movers in the company, executives can identify the important issues that hinder their growth. Additionally, the service educates the recruitment team on how to avoid costly mistakes when employing sales people or managers. In examining these areas, the firm learns where to focus their efforts to achieve significant improvement given a limited budget for sales training.

Pro Excellence offers a sales assessment test that is applicable to the recruitment process, the sales team, and the sales management of a company. The test is customized according to the specific sales role, evaluating their current abilities and potentials. By utilizing the assessment, businesses can hire salespeople with confidence, as well as allocate their resources more efficiently to particular problem areas.

Aside from salespeople and managers, similar assessment tests for the support staff involved in the sales process are also available. These include technical consultants, pre-sales consultants, and service engineers. To learn more, visit

About Pro Excellence

By aiding clients in the development of a sales growth strategy and the employment of winning sales teams, the company aims to provide measurable results and sustainable change in improving the performance of business ventures. The firm specialises in providing their services to small- and medium-scale enterprises in the IT industry. Embedded data.

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