Typing Services – Low Cost Secretarial Typing Services for Business, Fast Typing at Great Accuracy

World class typing services at most compelling prices, fast turnaround time, and at great accuracy rate by highly trained and experienced typists at Data Entry India (DEI).

Typing services at Data Entry India is confidential, error free, and fast with capability to deliver comprehensive range of outsourced typing solutions such as secretarial typing, audio typing, business data typing and many more.

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Why Choose Typing Services at Data Entry India?

• Indian based company with over 20 years of experienced
• Over 1500+ typing services provided to global companies
• Cover all aspects of secretarial typing need of business
• Known to provide reliable, secure typing services saving time and cost
• Ensures fast and efficient turnaround
• Assures for 99.98% consistent typing accuracy
• 24/6 availability of services and online assistance

Typing services at Data Entry India is very effective and suitable for business and companies, who are in need of continuous services of data typing, formatting and keying for their secretarial, back-office administration and many other typing solutions as per mentioned below.

Outsource Typing Services:

• Error free typing in Word, Excel
• Capturing data from website and typing
• Word processing and formatting
• Brochures typing
• Business forms typing
• Manuscripts typing service
• Books, magazines, catalog, eBook typing
• Certificates, employee data typing
• Secretarial notes, files typing service
• A flyer, newsletters, resumes typing
• Legal business deeds, documents typing
• Audio data typing services
• Presentations, pamphlets data typing
• And many more not limited to above mentioned

How Much Do We Charge?

Cost of typing data in-house in associated with employee, infrastructure, perks, management cost but outsourcing typing services for secretarial or business data typing need will reduce all the overheads, apart from it will cost much cheaper than local typing cost.

To know more about pricing structure, benefits and service agreements details email us at info@dataentryindia.com and may visit home page.

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