A Road to Recovery Offers Treatment Solutions to Alcohol or Drug Addicts

30th May 2013 – A Road to Recovery, a Florida drug and alcohol treatment center, offers addicts the assistance that they need to stop drinking or using. Alcohol and drug addiction can be extremely difficult to overcome by yourself. People who have used for any length of time may go through physical and mental side effects associated with drug and alcohol detox. Attempting to stop using without expert supervision can be harmful. Fortunately, A Road to Recovery offers Fort Myers Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers so addicts can begin to successfully recover.

At A Road to Recovery, professionals understand the nature of addiction and they work with patients to uncover the root problems of the addiction. Patients meet with counselors on a one-on-one basis regularly so they can develop the tools that they need for long-term recovery. The center also offers educational programs and has group meetings where addicts can talk to people who are sharing the same issues and experiences. Family therapy sessions are held as well during the patient’s stay, which averages 28 days. The family can also learn about the addict’s disease and what they can do to provide a supportive, nurturing atmosphere upon his or her release from the facility.

During a patient’s stay at A Road to Recovery, besides working with professional counselors, patients are taken to evening 12 step meetings. These meetings enhance their chances of long-term recovery by providing them with a network of individuals who are in various stages of recovery. Since group meetings increase the likelihood of success in recovery, starting the process very early in a patient’s treatment plan is beneficial.

Patients who stay at A Road to Recovery are able to learn how to live without alcohol and drugs. Besides the meetings and counseling sessions, patients are taken out on errands so they can do their own grocery shopping. They will also cook their own meals and do their own cleaning. Each patient stays in a 2 bedroom patio apartment and has access to a fitness center and swimming pool so they can incorporate important exercise into their treatment program. Patients also have ample time to learn how to enjoy life again without the use of drugs or alcohol. Supervised entertainment like bowling and movies are also incorporated into the patient’s stay.

The experienced professionals at the Alcohol Rehab Centers Fort Meyers understand the addiction and recovery process. They understand the ramifications of detox and will work to ensure that patients are fully supervised and that their needs are met. The facility accepts most insurance plans and they will work with you if you have questions regarding claims. The facility is clean and well-kept resembling a college campus atmosphere. This allows the addict to recover in comfort and integrate back into a normal life as soon as he begins the recovery process.

If you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol dependency, take the first step by contacting A Road to Recovery. Or visit the website and take the self-assessment questionnaire. Long-term recovery is a call or click away.

For information on Alcohol Rehab Centers Fort Meyers or on Fort Myers Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers visit http://www.aroadtorecoveryrehab.com.

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