eFlip Standard – New Released Page flip Software for Self-Publishing

Page flip software from pageflippdf.com is designed to make it easy for anyone to self publish, allowing them to contribute to a rapidly growing industry.

Available now from pageflippdf.com is flip book maker with a lot of powerful features. The book publishing is a rapidly growing part of the industry, seeing a sharp rise in 2011. It accounted for $29 billion in revenue within U.S. trade publishing and $32 billion in the book publishing business, with the numbers expected to be higher in the coming year.

So many authors, from all walks of life, have taken to self publishing, that the phenomenon has had a tremendous impact on the publishing world. Many of these writers have gone on to produce best-selling books on Amazon and iTunes. The availability of software tools for self publishing, and tablets and readers for viewing e-books, have helped boost sales and the popularity of publishing books in digital format.

Jumping into digital publishing is easier than ever, thanks to software with simple interfaces and tools for automating once difficult processes. eFlip standard is an example of a digital publishing tool that serves such a purpose. In addition to helping to convert PDFs and produce multimedia filled e-books with an attractive flipping page effect, it lets users output them in several formats, including html, .zip, .exe, and .app. Even more convenient is the ability to create mobile versions of e-books, suitable for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

The flip book maker supports elements such as Flash effects, sound, and images, while themes and background colors can be set to further customize the finished product. If creating digital content for all to see was not enough, the software also allows users to track the performance of their e-books through Google Analytics. They can see if it has helped to increase Web traffic to their website, or purchased products through specific links.

You can edit content of each flipbook page. You can simply customize each added page with multimedia elements (hyperlink, text, video, SWF, image, hotspot, sound), cartoon-like clipart and flash effect.

Digital flipbooks can also be created in a short amount of time, without the need for publishing or graphics experience. This saves on costs as well. Once expensive processes can now be completed without taking a huge bite out of the budget. Individuals can showcase their talents while businesses can create digital e-books, magazines, manuals, brochures, and more to boost their sales and marketing initiatives.

For more on the software and how it can help with self publishing, visit http://pageflippdf.com/.

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PageFlipPDF.com (eFlip Co Ltd) provides low-cost and handy programs eFlip for you editors and publishers to easily produce professional Flipping Books!

eFlip Co Ltd was established in 2009. Their Head Office is based in China with braches based in HongKong China. eFlip products range from digital publication tools to innovative and cost-effective business software and PC or Mac utility tools.

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