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Medicare and Life Insurance Leads Training:

This training program will be highly useful to agents who are selling Medicare advantage or life insurance leads to customers. This training method will help newcomers in the insurance sales industry and people who are highly experienced in insurance sales but new to Medicare selling to recipients. Our company specializes in training certified insurance agents in Medicare advantage using simple and common sense techniques and advice. Most of the telemarketing companies know that there is high risk because the agents lack awareness and knowledge on how to tackle preset appointments due to lack of training from their companies. We provide the most sophisticated training on how to be an excellent sales person using our professional and successful training techniques. Our advanced marketing techniques makes sure that our clients receive only high quality Medicare leads and life insurance leads and we make sure that the sales pipeline is always full with fresh leads. Our leads given to a particular company is not shared with competitors and each leads details are send via email given by the company.

Some of important topics we are going to focus in this online training program are:

What is the definition of a preset Appointment? How to tackle preset appointment lead? Medicare Advantage plan, how or why it is beneficial to senior citizens? Why is it essential for an insurance agent to have full fledged product arsenal to offer to the Medicare Recipients? Why is it necessary to target certain Income Levels groups and how it helps to increase the sales? Our sales training pinpoints the most common mistakes the insurance agent makes with advertised preset appointments so that it can be rectified. As per the study conducted across the nation, repeat business from clients is about 10 percent in the telemarketing business. However we are proud to say that our repeat business average is around 30% which is unbelievable in this segment. Our success is in educating the clients on how to be successful with our lead appointments.

Lead Generation in sales:

Most of the companies spend thousands of dolor’s for mailing campaigns without any response and purchase mailing list by paying high price which is passed on to the sales agents and when they call the customer they get a response that couple of guys from your office and called earlier and I am not interested. Our way of functioning is entirely professional and all the preset appointments are fixed by experienced appointment fixers who have excellent experience dealing with senior citizens. Our experts find prospects who are interested to know the latest upgrades in the Medicare advantage program and they expect a Medicare specialist to visit them and explain the details. Our entire process are in compliance with federal rules of do not call registry rules. Medicare advantage plan is discussed with seniors only after verifying if they have Medicare part A&B and they want to hear more about the plan to save money on the supplement plan. Once it is confirmed the appointment fixer fixes up an appropriate time for the agent to meet them after verifying the address.

Do we market Medicare Programs over the phone for you? – Definitely NO. Can we help you get into the house to sell? – Definitely YES!

If you are a company who calls the lead to confirm the appointment before visiting them then our leads will not be beneficial to you because the customer might cancel the appointment or postpone it and for that we have a separate phone leads which will cost less. We fix appointments in such away that the agent can visit the customer directly without any hassles. Dressing is an important aspect of selling because the customer will judge you based on your appearance. Over dressing with expensive suit will scare people away and you will get stereotyped.

It should be simple and neat and formal because you are meeting senior citizens and you are going to talk about Medicare products. Our prime job is to help the company agents to reach the customers doorsteps without any problem and sell the products. We provide real time Medicate and life insurance leads for all the zip code areas in the country and will keep on generating leads throughout the tears from people who are genuinely interested in Medicare products.

By placing a order toy will be able to get quality life insurance leads with one week period of time.

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We provide life insurance leads from senior citizens who require specialized non medical home care to take care of them, this is a segment throughout the US which does not have any competition and which in great demand.

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