Still growing at a fabulous rate SWAT Environmental making inroads into the Radon Gas

As in well know large portions of the US is granite based. As Granite deteriorates over time it emits the radioactive gas RADON in very small quantities. Radon is in fact odorless, tasteless and colorless, but it is slightly heavier than air and tends to accumulate in the basements and lower parts of buildings with poor ventilation or air movement. Radon itself has a very short half life of 3.8 days so it dissipates quickly but unless ventilated will actually build up to a harmful level.

Buts as it deteriorates the so called daughters of Radon leaves microscopic solid particles which attach themselves to dust and surfaces and this is the dangerous substance that is aggravating to one’s well being.

Breathing in Radon or the contaminated dust for prolonged periods is harmful to one’s health. For a start it is carcinogenic and is a principle cause of lung cancer in non smokers. But other breathing diseases also can be attributed to the contamination by Radon and its daughters.

Fortunately Radon is easy to get rid of. It is a gas and can easily be blown away. There are 2 aspects to this process; detection and elimination.

SWAT Environmental has been very successful in both. On application they will send you a kit to place in the basements, crawl spaces or lower rooms of your house. After this has been ther for a couple of weeks one sends it off to a lab to analyze.

If the results return a positive for Radon build up it is advisable to install a method of elimination. Here is where SWAT Enviromental has a simple and effective answer. Depending on your building they can very easily install systems to ventilate and eliminate Radon to the atmosphere where it will automatically dissipate and become harmless.

Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation is a 2012 issue where it lists SWAT Environmental as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. SWAT has grown over a few short years to be able to achieve $12,000,000 in turnover in 2012 and has achieved growth of 3,000% in its time.

This has been done honestly and with hard work and vision. It has expanded by licensing operators throughout the States where Radon Contamination is a problem. In addition it has now begun to expand internationally.

This is a feat never before achieved by a Radon Mitigation company and not many companies have ever succeeded in achieving a similar rate of growth. All of this achieved honestly and using a system that is environmentally sound and beneficial to the people.As many as i in 15 families in the US have higher than acceptable levels of Radon gas and these are the target market for SWAT Environmental.

The Beauty of their system is that it is a one off installation. Once complete the homeowner and occupier need never again be concerned a the problem will be dissipated forever as long as the air vents keep working.

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