Clip2box iPad App, An App Developed by Wisdomleaf Technologies

The app has been developed by Wisdomleaf Technologies Private Limited, a firm appraised at CMMi Level 3 with ISO 27001 certification. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The application has been released worldwide and is available on the Apple store and the store. The app is a productivity app and works in conjunction with As you are probably aware, provides customers with storage solutions on the cloud. Wisdomleaf Technologies has developed this customized app for iPad users so that they can clip and copy any web content directly from the web in to
One can either save the full web page or part of the web page on the cloud. The app helps in saving text, images and videos. The app is useful to a wide range of audience of people – students, researchers, corporate professionals and faculty of academic institutions. It is an extremely useful app that allows saving, storing and accessing of web pages safely – anytime or anywhere as long as the user has access to the internet.

Clip2box has powerful features. The bookmarklet feature enables easy clipping of a webpage when using the Safari browser. An interesting aspect of this app is that webclips can be saved in the original HTML source format or as plain text. A user can easily create folders in his or her box account and save these web clips in the respective folders. The saved clips can easily be shared through Email. Reviews about the app have been good. It has won several mentions in leading technical blogs. The app is also a featured app on the box store. The app won mention in a couple of TV programs including one on national television. The rave reviews of the app stand testimony to the utility of the app developed by Wisdomleaf IT Technologies . The app will also be soon available to iPhone users and will also be developed to support Android phone users. Embedded data.

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