The CAD software seller would teach you how to optimize your AutoCAD

UK – Today, the best online store for CAD software and AutoCAD 2013, which website is, would teach you the optimizing methods for the AutoCAD system such as the Autodesk AutoCAD 2011, Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD 2013.

The first point is that we should optimize the two-dimensional poly line and associated fill of AutoCAD R13 or earlier versions. Since the R14 version, AutoCAD could create the 2D poly lines and associated fill in an optimized format. This optimization can save memory and disk space. The autodeskmarket recommend us to use the CONVERT command to update the AutoCAD R13 and earlier versions of the CAD software.?From the former experience, this method is very useful for us to optimize the CAD software such as the Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2011, autocad lt 2012 Autodesk.

The second point is that you could delete the unused objects in the graphics database which could effectively reduce the size of the graphics files. With the passage of time, the graphics may accumulate some useless named object which could not be shown in the drawing objects. For example, the unused text style in the graphic or graphic object layer which does not contain any information. What is more, the format which contains a large amount of unused blocks. We may need to repeat more than three times of deleting to finish the cleanup operations. We could note that when we are in the drawing and perform the function of cleanup waste, we may clean out the defined drawing template.

The third point the autodeskmarket wants to introduce you is that the grouping function would seriously affect the speed of the select class operation and it should be deleted. The grouping is the set objects for the named objects. It is different with the unnamed selection set. The grouping is saved with the graphics. The grouping belongs to the named objects but unfortunately we could not use the PURGE command to clear it. If we delete an object or remove it from the grouping and make the group become empty, then the grouping would remain the original definition. If it is exist a large number of empty group, it would seriously affect the selection speed.

The online optimization is also very good for us. No matter the AutoCAD is installed on a network server or on the client workstations, users can share data on the server hard disk and stored the secret files on the local hard disk. Both methods have their own advantages. If the autocad 2013 is installed on the client workstation, it can effectively optimize network performance. If the AutoCAD lt 2012 has been installed on the server, it would allows users to share an executable file, which could also saves the disk space and greatly simplifies software installation and upgrades.

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