Top Manufacturer of Lead Melting Pots Offers New Heating Solution

North Amityville, New York (April 19, 2013) – Charles A. Hones, Inc., a top manufacturer of lead melting pots, is offering a new heating solution for its customers. This is called the Buzzer 450 degrees – 1350 degrees oven type roll-out furnace.

This product is commonly used for rebuilding automotive engines and is primarily designed for cast iron and aluminum engine head repair. It comes in four different sizes with each made from top quality materials. The company says that this model is a standout among other types of furnaces currently used by other organizations.

Every furnace comes equipped with top tier insulating firebrick that provides superior abrasion resistance and has the capability to ensure gradual cooling. It also comes with a safety pilot, a shut-off safety valve, and digital temperature controls. Moreover, it also possesses a “roll-out” tray made of stainless steel that enables quick casting repair at the same time increasing operator comfort.

A family-owned business ever since it opened over 100 years ago, the company is one of the leaders in their respective industry. They strive to provide the highest quality in every aspect of their work. Even though they are not a relatively big organization, they have a broad array of furnaces and burners available in various types and sizes.

The company is also considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of natural gas burners in today’s market. They have a full inventory of burners that vary from half-inch to six-inch diameter pipes with measurements up to 21 feet in length. The Radial Ring Burner and the Rectangular Burner are just some of the examples.

For a full list of their products, visit or call 631-842-8886.

About Charles A. Hones, Inc.

Charles A. Hones, Inc was established in Baldwin in 1911, before moving to their current location today, in New York. They offer a wide scope of solutions for every need. Furthermore, the company builds everything from heavy duty industrial gas burners to jewelry casting firebox ovens. Embedded data.

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