Memphis, TN Security Systems Company Offers Residential Fire Alarms

Memphis, Tennessee (April 12, 2013) – Trusted Memphis, TN security systems company Frase Protection is offering residential fire alarms to ensure a greater degree of safety for homes in the area. With extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of security solutions, the company’s team of experts specializes in the specific placement of detection devices.

Data from the National Fire Protection Association states that two-thirds of home fire deaths between 2003 and 2006 occurred in houses without a working smoke alarm. Aside from accidents originating in kitchens, there are numerous other causes that can lead to these tragedies. Defective wiring in electronic appliances can emit sparks, which can cause carpets and draperies to ignite. A house can also catch fire if struck by lightning.

An especially dangerous case would be a fire that occurs when the home’s occupants are asleep at night, since the blaze can grow to a dangerous size before being detected. To help prevent deaths and costly destruction, Frase Protection installs smoke and heat detectors at prime points within the house, providing early detection. For utmost security, the company’s systems are designed to exceed safety code requirements.

In the event that a blaze occurs when the residents are at work or on vacation, customers can be confident that their home will remain safe thanks to the company’s UL-listed 24-hour monitoring system. Once the devices detect danger, the system immediately alerts emergency dispatchers who contact the fire department right away. To ensure the optimum performance of the alarms, the company provides periodic maintenance and repair services.

Homeowners looking for reliable security systems in Memphis, TN can turn to Frase Protection for world-class residential security solutions. For more information, visit

About Frase Protection

The company has over 40 years of experience in providing custom-built security systems for homes and business locations alike. Because of their efficiency and commitment to quality services, the firm has maintained a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau and has earned an “A” rating with Angie’s List, as well. Embedded data.

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