Elite Security Supplies Rolls Out Motorcycle Security Chains, Gives Practical Tips Against Theft

The number of motorcycles on the road is on the rise but so is the incident of motorcycle theft. According to recent reports, only about 25 to 30% of stolen motorcycles are recovered. There are more than a million motorcycles in UK roads today and potentially, about half of these could be taken by thieves. Bikes are very vulnerable because they are quite small and very easy to transport.

About half of the rider population does not lock their bikes and most stole bikes belong to this group. If you do not want to be part of these statistics, you better act now. Studies show that motorcycles made by the big brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda are often targeted by the bad guys for resale. These thieves belong to a very organized group that can get rid of bikes and parts under the radar.

Motorcycles may be easy to steal but there are ways to make life a bit difficult for the bad guys. Elite Security Supplies has a collection of Motorcycle Security Chain and Garage Door Locks, among other products to keep motorcycles, and owners alike, safe.

Elite Security Supplies offers motorcycle security chain of various sizes and length coupled with a very secured lock and ground anchor. Riders do not have to worry about the price as the tag price will suit any budget.

A representative of Elite Security Supplies shares some practical tips so bikers can protect their rides:

1.Keep Your Bike Out of Site. The best protection for a motorcycle is to store it inside a garage or storage building. Make sure that you have reliable garage door locks in addition to a home security system. To ensure the security of your bike, make sure you keep the garage door closed even when you are home.

2.Block the Motorcycle with a Car. Make it difficult for the bad guys and park your bikes blocked by other vehicles. Do this whether you are on the street or a parking lot. Stay away from big vehicles which can be used by thieves as cover while they move your motorcycle.

3.Lock it Down. Another great way to secure a bike is by using a motorcycle security chain. You can get them in different lengths and thickness. Combine this with a reliable padlock and ground anchor.

4.Do not Forget the Key and Lock the Ignition. It might sound odd to leave the key of a motorcycle in the ignition but believe it or not it is among the most common reasons why bikes are stolen.

5.Remove the Fuse. Disable the whole electrical system of the motorcycle by removing the main fuse of your bike. Do this especially when you park in unfamiliar spaces.

6.Secure your bike. There are a lot of products out there to make sure your bike is protected. Aside from garage door locks and motorcycle security chains, you also have wheel clamps, security alarms, ground anchors, and vehicle tracking system.

7.Motorcycle Insurance. A coverage for your bike is another way to have that peace of mind. Remember that your homeowner’s policy may not cover for your stolen bike.

If you want to inquire about motorcycle security chains, you can call Elite Security Supplies at +440-1443-830507.

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