Uniforms Express Offers High-Quality Baseball Uniforms

Chula Vista, California (May 1st, 2013) – Uniforms Express, a premier provider of custom-made sports apparel and accessories, is offering high-quality baseball uniforms for this year’s allstar season. By using US made fabrics to and manufacturing uniforms at their own North American plant, they can design and create a full range of sportswear for any team.

Uniforms Express has built a reputation around delivering a high quality product, on time every time. This has resulted in them becoming the trusted supplier of baseball uniforms for the likes of the Stanford University’s baseball team as well as the University of Texas at Brownsville’s baseball team for many years.

Aside from providing jerseys, pullovers, jackets, and pants, Uniforms Express offers a wide selection of custom-made hats of mesh, wool, and cotton. These come in various color schemes and embroidery designs to match your team’s uniforms. The company is one of the largest dealers of Richardson brand caps, considered to be one of the best-fitting caps on the market. In addition to caps, they supply matching belts and socks to complete your team’s look.

Uniforms Express adheres to an on-time delivery policy for all their products. They offer customers a 50% off money-back guarantee for late deliveries based upon terms and conditions. They also deliver rush orders, and have been known to deliver uniforms in as little as one week while still providing competitive pricing to ensure teams have their new uniforms in time for the season.

A full-service company that produces head-to-toe outfits for various teams, Uniforms Express was formed by a group of former coaches and ex-professional players. They guarantee customers who order their products an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience from start to finish. On their website, they provide customers with a free catalog and an easy-to-use uniform builder that allows visitors to design a custom uniform in just 60 seconds.

For more details on their products and offerings, visit www.UniformsExpress.com.

About Uniforms Express

Launched in 1996, the company provides the best in sportswear apparel and accessories for baseball, football, basketball, and softball teams, among others. They consistently offer every one of their customers excellent service, cost-friendly rates, and high-quality products. They cater to customers ranging from individuals to large school programs such as Stanford, Kansas, and Wisconsin.

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