Mosquito Squad Shares Tips for Effective Tick Treatment

Mosquito Squad is sharing valuable information on effective tick treatment methods. These include protecting households, reducing tick exposure, and tips on controlling infestations.

The company advices people to avoid tall grass areas where ticks usually reside. They also encourage homeowners to examine their landscaping, and remove tick habitat by covering moist and shady areas with gravel or wood-chip barriers. Dog and cat owners, on the other hand, are advised to bring their pets to the veterinarian and invest in tick collars or topical medications.

Ticks are classified as parasites who feed on the blood of host mammals, and a handful of their species are capable of transmitting serious illnesses to humans. One of the most common diseases they carry is Lyme disease, which is the most significant vector-borne disease, and has afflicted tens of thousands in the US. Affected people show flu-like symptoms, which include headaches, fever, and muscle pains.

With ticks breeding outside the houses, an infestation may result if the problem is left untreated. An effective, multi-pronged yard tick control plan will eradicate the ticks and their nesting grounds. Mosquito Squad specializes in anti-tick solutions and utilizes products like the barrier spray and automatic misting systems that kill adult ticks upon contact.

Moreover, they strategically install tubes in different areas that prompt mice to incorporate tick-killing material in their bedding. The majority of ticks get their first blood meal from mice, making them a common occurrence in mice nests.

Mosquito Squad also handles concerns regarding mosquitoes. They provide affordable and effective solutions to keep households in different parts of the country, safe. The company supports the nonprofit Malaria No More, by giving a certain amount of their proceeds to help fund the group’s mission to curb and end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

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