Los Angeles IT Services Provider Offers Allworx Phone Systems

Los Angeles, California (April 18, 2013) – TVG Consulting is offering phone systems by Allworx for small and large businesses. The products come in the wake of the partnership between the Los Angeles IT services provider and the trusted telecommunications company.

From Garett Chipman and the owner of TVG Consulting,” We are very excited to be with the Allworx team. After researching all, I mean all relevant Phone systems for users under 200 employees that offered the flexibility, the ease of use, expandability and next generation VOIP abilities – Allworx was a no brainer. The best thing about Allworx is when a client engages us for a new Allworx system or migrate to one, is that it just works. Almost out of the box. Plain and simple with a massive amount of features.”

The phone systems provide business owners several key advantages that cater to the unique needs of small companies, middle-sized businesses, and large organizations alike. They feature all the benefits of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They also showcase an intuitive interface that is easy to use and manage, various mobile solutions, and other software features tailored to suit specific business needs.

“Go TVG and Go Allworx. Great job and great system” –Gabe Micu, VP IT of LMIC
“This system is night and day compared to our old system. What a great recommendation and it works just like Garett said. Thank you for this. – Kelsey Bowman, Office Manger – MH Living.

The phone system, which is the size of the top of a shoebox, has notable built-in components. These include voicemail to email, Call Assistant and rich call queues, and Conference Calling queues, which can hold up to 12 attendants. With these features, clients need not purchase additional hardware when they decide to expand in the future.

Business owners need to have the best possible communications systems to ensure that their companies run smoothly. Investing in reliable and industry-tested solutions is vital to any enterprise, especially if they want to hasten their overall growth and success.

TVG Consulting partnered with Allworx in 2011 and has been a proud distributor of their phone systems in Los Angeles. The IT company also specializes in other solutions and services like disaster recovery and data back up, server and network support, desktop and helpdesk support, and firewall and security management, among others.

They also provide consulting and engineering, IT networking, secure cloud solutions, and a no-obligation IT infrastructure health audit. To learn more, visit www.TVGConsulting.com today.

About TVG Consulting

TVG Consulting was initially established as a “break-fix, firefighter” IT consulting firm in 2005 by owner and CEO Garret Chipman. They eventually patterned their approach to a Managed Solutions model, providing a Fixed Fee Solution, which paved the way for better customer service.

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