Company Offers Cheap Car Rentals & Free Weekly Discounts

(February 25, 2013) –, an online service that lets people quickly search for cheap car rentals in any city or airport, is offering free weekly car rental discounts and deals. The discounts are available only to users. All that is required is to enter and email to be qualified to receive the offers.

The website is very user-friendly and offers an alternative to manually searching every car rental website. The service lets users compare the rates from the top providers of rental cars. The available vehicles range from economy, SUV’s and even luxury cars. The customer can choose where to pick up the vehicle, and where to drop it off.

Using reduces the time a customer needs to find the cheapest car rental deals. It does all the work for them. Many customers have spent hours going through a handful of websites to find the cheapest deals. This website will search car rental provider’s rates according to the criterion provided by the customer. The results give the price of the vehicle per day, and its total price inclusive of taxes. It also provides information on the type of transmission, if it is air condition ready, and its seating capacity.

One of the companies it gets their rates from is Enterprise Car Rental, which originally started in St. Louis over 50 years ago. With over 60, 000 cars in more than 4,000 different areas, they are considered the largest car rental company in the entire world. There is no doubt that Enterprise Car Rental will provide customers with good deals. has the benefits of a blog and has many entries on the website. One such post discusses the tips on avoiding hidden car rental fees. Other posts announce deals and discounts offered.

For a full list of cities and airports included in their service, please visit:


The website provides travelers with a quick, easy, and user-friendly way of finding cheap car rentals in any city or airport. It also offers free weekly car rental discounts and deals. Call them at 1-855-581-0743. Embedded data.

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