Verdeeco Grid as a Service® Data Analytics Roll Out at Wake Electric Membership Cooperative

Verdeeco, an innovative smart grid analytics firm for the utility industry, has completed a pilot with Wake Electric Membership Cooperative to test Verdeeco’s transformer analysis application and will now be put into production across its seven-county service area near Raleigh, N.C.

The Verdeeco app provides vital, near-real-time analysis, reports and alerts on the performance and utilization of transformers serving Wake Electric’s more than 36,500 members. It aggregates and cross-analyzes data from the distribution system to deliver actionable results. For example, when an internal utility report flagged 20 distribution transformers for immediate replacement, the Verdeeco app was able to accurately report more than 75 percent of them being appropriately utilized and not needing replacement, saving Wake Electric time, money and customer frustration.

Verdeeco’s user-friendly apps have been called the “iTunes™ of smart grid.” Don Bowman, Wake Electric’s engineering manager, also likened the seamless implementation to downloading a new smartphone app. “The groundbreaking thing about Verdeeco is its ability – through cloud-based, focused applications – to effectively circumvent costly and time-consuming systems integration work,” said Bowman. “Verdeeco’s cloud-based Grid as a Service platform allows us to hand-select any combination of apps we want and then pull all the data into one easily-understood dashboard.”

The Transformer Loading application complements Wake Electric’s existing use of Verdeeco’s Meter Analysis and Blink Analysis applications. Combined, the granular data reported from each of these applications provides Wake Electric with actionable intelligence, leading to:

•Increased reliability.
•Improved customer service.
•Efficient engineering design.
•Accurate documentation of outages and usage irregularities.

“Wake Electric’s use of grid data represents an innovative mashup of data from multiple systems,” said Verdeeco CEO Brian Crow. “We are excited to help Wake Electric to drive value from its grid investments. Cross-analyzing disparate data streams leads to a higher level of understanding. This enables improvements in engineering, more efficient use of resources, higher utilization of assets and ultimately a higher ROI on smart grid investment.” Embedded data.

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