Denver Orthodontist Offers Invisible & Hidden Orthodontic Treatments

Denver, Colorado (February 7, 2013) – Eberle Orthodontics is offering different types of orthodontic treatments. Aside from conventional braces, the Denver orthodontist also offers a series of clear retainers and lingual or invisible braces.

While braces are necessary, especially with children and young adults with teeth growth, development, and eruption issues, they may not always be the preferred solution that people are looking for. Though still very effective, most individuals would opt to not have braces due to the discomfort they initially give, and its appearance.

Recently honored as an Invisalign Preferred Provider for the third consecutive time, Dr. Nicole Eberle offers patients the use of Invisalign’s innovative clear retainers to adjust their teeth. Working the same way as braces, the clear retainers help align teeth, but do not involve any brackets or wiring. Additionally they can be removed by the user when doing their regular oral hygiene routines.

People in need of the exact same effectiveness of braces without changing the way they look, can also opt for Dr. Eberle to apply Incognito and Harmony braces. Like traditional braces they involve brackets and wires that effectively align teeth, but are expertly placed behind and not in front of them. They fit the unique dental structure of the user while giving the impression that they do not have braces.

Along with Invisalign, and Harmony and Incognito braces, Dr. Nicole Eberle is also highly trained and experienced in applying traditional metal, ceramic, and lingual braces. She also conducts corrective jaw surgery, and professionally implements orthodontic appliances like Rapid Palatal Expanders.

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