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Fertility Road is an online website which shares information about various factors contributing to infertility problems. Fertility Road website has launched a new magazine publication both in printed and digital format. A thought to help the certain population of United Kingdom struggling with fertility issues lead to the launch of Fertility Road magazine. This lifestyle magazine was launched in the year 2010 as a bi-monthly issue.

Fertility Road magazine does not limit its issues to only women with fertility problems, but rather being targeted to aid all those men and women looking forward to conceive. The magazine publishers say, “We focus on providing key information and advice right from top doctors and other infertility experts to those couples having infertility problems and to guide them to achieve their path to parent hood”. The magazine includes valuable information and answers to all questions relating to lifestyle changes, healthy eating practices and other key doubts in this area responded to by top doctors and famous fertility experts in this field.

“We strive to offer information about the various Do’s and Don’ts relating to conception, higher chance of getting pregnant etc to the couples”, says the magazine publishers. The magazine specifically focuses on information relating to various segments like fertility, alternative options, health, science and travel. Fertility segment presents information about natural conception methods, assisted conception and IVF, male fertility, donor eggs etc. Alternative option segment involves issues like adoption and fostering, surrogacy and same sex children. The health segment shares typical information relating to vitamins/nutrition/healthy recipes for conception. The magazine puts up information concerning the latest and advanced infertility treatments like IVF which facilitates in giving a better understanding among couples about IVF and the chances of conception with this treatment method.

Fertility Road is a 100% targeted journal mostly for fertility products, baby products and services and IVF fertility treatment methods. The magazine has wide reach among varied audience groups through varied marketing techniques initiated. Fertility Road is also available online wherein the readers can read the publication for free. The latest development being that Fertility Road magazine can be read across all tablets and other mobile application devices. The digital version of this magazine is also available in iTunes store as well. For more information on Fertility Road, log in to the official website http://www.fertilityroad.com/ .

About Fertility Road

Fertility Road is one of the top publications in UK, publishing information relating to fertility issues. The magazine was launched in 2010 targeting both men and women who wish to conceive. The magazine shares information relating to fertility issues, infertility treatments like IVF , natural conception etc. Fertility Road publication is available in printed and digital format as well.

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