Yes, You Can Fight Felony Drunk Driving Charges But You Need Legal Assistance

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin want to provide valuable information concerning felony drunk driving offenses to those who may need this information. When it comes to Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers Los Angeles residents want quality and experience, but they also need to know the laws.

LA DUI attorneys will tell you that most of those who are charged with DUI in California only face misdemeanor charges for their first, second or third DUI as long as there are no other factors involved in the case. Los Angeles DUI attorneys will also tell you that if certain factors are present, chances are good you may be facing felony charges. When faced with these serious charges, individuals need to contact qualified and experienced DUI lawyers Los Angeles. This may be the best legal option for them if they want to protect their rights and present a strong legal defense.

Felony Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers Los Angeles can explain the law in detail. They can tell you that if a person is killed or injured because of the driver was intoxicated, that driver may be facing felony DUI charges. DUI defense attorneys Los Angeles can explain that if the driver has been convicted of a 3 or more past DUIs (within the last ten years), that driver may be facing felony charges. And, Los Angeles DUI attorneys can explain that if a driver has a past felony DUI conviction, that driver will almost certainly be charged with felony DUI. In all of these cases, DUI defense lawyers Los Angeles can also explain the driver’s rights and what legal defenses are possible.

Facing felony charges is no joke. If convicted, drivers can face heavy fines, loss of driver’s license, and jail time. A conviction can also lead to much higher insurance premiums, and may lead to loss of employment for those who drive for a living. Again, the some of the best drunk driving defense lawyers Los Angeles has to offer are available to assist you.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin are here to assist you. They offer a free consultation service in which you can get the information that you need concerning your individual case. This is not the time to be alone, and working with qualified and experienced LA DUI attorneys always is in your best interest. You can be sure that the Deputy District Attorney is working hard to present the case against you. You need a legal team working on your behalf.

If you would like to learn more about some of the best drunk driving defense lawyers Los Angeles has to offer, just visit their site. At the site, you will find important and useful information that can help you decide if you want to work with these Los Angeles DUI attorneys or not. You can also find information on their free consultation and contact information is available as well. Remember, this is not the time to handle it alone, get the legal assistance that you need now so you can present your best case.

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