Miele Appliances Are Gaining In Popularity – AES Is A Miele Repair Expert!

Miele, a manufacturer of household and commercial appliances including commercial dishwashers and laundry is one if the fastest growing household appliance lines in the US and around the world. In Los Angeles there is one repair firm that the Miele owners can depend on for service and repairs, and that is Appliances Electrical Services.

It is no secret that the better a product is made, the more specialized its repairs are. That is why Appliance Electrical Services or AES makes sure to hire only the best technicians. The next step is ensuring that their training is excellent. It is a simple goal, and an important one. Every time Miele hold any type of new training class or seminar, our people are sent through it so that they stay up to date.

All AES appliance repair technicians are expert in their fields, and factory trained and certified. And of course, every job we do, and every employee, is properly bonded and fully insured, and all of our employees are fully licensed by the appropriate agencies.

Miele (pronounced meel-A) makes top quality appliances and has been doing so for more than a hundred years. This includes household dishwashers, range tops, stoves, oven hoods, clothes washers and driers and many commercial products as well. Whether you run a laundry, or your personal refrigerator needs repair or service, the best Miele Dishwasher Repair and appliance service in the Los Angeles area is just a phone call away!

Appliance Electrical Services will always provide an accurate written estimate, and the cost of the estimate goes towards the repairs. All parts and services are covered by a full warranty, and our service technicians are available on weekends and holidays at no extra charge.

Miele appliances can last a long time – they are built to exacting, tough standards, and those standards have not changed in the last 100 plus years. But to get the most of your money from any appliance it needs to be properly maintained and most importantly, as soon as anything goes wrong a repairman needs to be called. Problems are always best addressed when they are small, and many problems will give warning signs.

The last thing you want is for your appliances to fail while you have an event going on. No matter how well built an appliance is, even a Miele, it can have problems. Prompt repair and attention to service will extend the life of your appliance for years and allow you to get the maximum value for your purchasing dollar!

AES also uses factory approved non-OEM to help you save money. These parts are as good as or better than the original parts – that is the standard that we at AES set, and it is one we are serious about. And, they have the approval of Miele, so they are covered under factory warranty calls and Miele Appliance Service calls.

That is just one of the ways that AES strives to give the very best repair service to Los Angeles residents, or anyone in the greater LA area. Weekends, holidays and any day during the week, you will get the excellent service that you deserve. Our employees are always on time, always clean and courteous, and they are able to repair your Miele so it operates like new!

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AES employees are always on time, always clean and courteous, and they are able to repair your Miele so it operates like new!

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