Appliances Electrical Services Announces Thermador Appliance Repair Discounts

Appliances Electrical Services is pleased to announce that it is offering incredible savings on Thermador Appliance Repair for both new customers and senior citizens. With many people still struggling from the effects of the economy, often times they end up pushing appliance repair to the end of the list. AES knows this, and is offering these new discounts.

Appliances Electrical Services understands this financial struggle for some families, and that is why they are offering such special deals. For new customers, Appliances Electrical Services is offering 25% off labor costs. That in itself is going to represent a huge savings for people who are looking to have a Thermador appliance repair specialist come to their home or business and work on their appliances.

Additionally, Appliances Electrical Services is also offering a discount for their customers, new or repeat, who are senior citizens. These customers will receive an amazing 30% off labor costs, which is a great savings. AES knows that may senior citizens are living on a fixed budget and a broken appliance can be an unexpected expense, that is why the organization is offering this deal in order to represent a substantial savings.

Appliances Electrical Services is a Los Angeles, California based appliance repair service that specializes in the Thermador brand. Thermador has been around for over 75 years and has established itself as one of the best and most popular brands in America. What separates Appliances Electrical Services from other repair shops is that the AES technicians are specifically trained in the full line of Thermador appliances.

This provides a huge benefit to consumers, when a dishwasher breaks a customer wants to be sure that they have a high quality and knowledgeable Thermador Dishwasher Repair expert to service the appliance, not just a general repairman.

Appliances Electrical Services provides Thermador appliance repair services to a number of communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including Calabasas, Studio City and Marina Del Rey. All AES technicians are also factory trained and qualified, so customers can be assured that anyone who comes to fix their appliances is incredibly knowledgeable about the full line of Thermador appliances.

AES also provides its customers with a free estimate that includes a full troubleshooting program by technicians. If the solution requires only a minor fix, then the AES repair expert will do so at no additional charge. However, if the problem appears to be something that is more substantial in nature, then Appliances Electrical Services will give clients a full rundown of exactly what the costs and repair time will be before any additional work is performed.

Appliances Electrical Services is very proud to be considered one of the premier Thermador appliance service companies in the greater Los Angeles area. The organization works incredibly hard to ensure that all of the Thermador technicians are thoroughly trained and experts in their field. AES is very focused on providing outstanding customer service to ensure that all customers, new and repeat, have their Thermador appliances fixed and are completely satisfied with the results.

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