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Penalties for convictions of DUI and drug charges can vary significantly based on a wide variety of different factors, and at the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, we strongly believe that each defendant should be in possession of as many facts as possible when deciding whether or not they want to employ our services. In addition to a free consultation, the office now provides a selection of information about various fees and penalties that different convictions may have.

One of the more common charges is Driving Under the Influence. While the media often focuses on alcohol and other recreational drugs as the prime culprit, the truth is that even prescription drugs can impair judgment. This is why many products include instructions against operating heavy machinery (such as automobiles) for a set period of time after consuming the product. California has its own rules and regulations regarding DUIs that do not necessarily match the laws in other parts of the country or the world, so expected penalties and actual penalties may be completely different. After fully explaining the situation, Jonathan Franklin can represent clients as a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer and help defend the based on the individual facts of each case.

At times, other charges may overlap with a DUI arrest, though these charges can also happen independently. Any form of drug charge, from simple possession to the intent to distribute, can have a significant impact on the ability of clients to return to their normal lives. In fact, some people even use this against targets by planting drugs somewhere they will be found and working to destroy the reputations of others. Other times, incorrect labeling or instructions may result in an erroneous dosage and the appearance of drug abuse despite no intention whatsoever of using them in any incorrect way. Whatever the truth or reason for a drug charge, experienced representation can often go a long way towards reducing penalties or even having them dropped entirely. Jonathan Franklin is an experienced Los Angeles Drug Charge Attorney with a track record of negotiations for alternatives to incarceration (such as dug court and Prop 36) when the circumstances permit these as a possibility. All drug types are represented, from recrational drugs like heroin and marijuana to the use (and abuse) of various forms of prescription drugs.

Legal charges for DUI and/or drugs will almost certainly throw off a defendant’s plans for their life. However, through experienced representation, these changes can be reduced as much as possible. Jonathan Franklin once served on the side of the prosecution, but now, he and his team are putting that experience to use representing for the defense to the best of their abilities.

Legal Disclaimer: The content of this Press Release is not legal advice and should not be treated as such. Depending on the specific facts of a case, the ability of an attorney to represent a defendant may change somewhat, and certain outcomes cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Not all penalties can be negotiated or modified in court. To obtain actual legal advice or obtain more information on what options may be available in a specific case, consult with an attorney.

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The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin can help with Drug and DUI charges in the Southern California area.

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