10 Minute Reading Program for Kids

There are many things parents get concerned about, while raising their kids. All parents would want their kids to have fun in learning new things. Each child may not acquire the same skills and even if they do, it would be at different times and rates. The Pre-School Adventures of a Scuba Jack is a facility that can nurture the latent talents of children in a fun way.

The preschool activities in the Kindergarten can help children develop their skills and explore the world around them in meaningful ways. The facility also encourages kids to work with preschool crafts that are fun, easy and made of simple items at home. “We aim to help children develop all the skills necessary to progress to a higher grade level,” says Beth Costanzo, an experienced teacher and the creator of the Adventures of Scuba Jack Pre-School and Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten activities are designed to face many challenges in helping kids learn, predominantly to help kids in recognizing alphabets and numbers which can be quite difficult at times. As a matter of fact, the Preschool offers a 10 Minute a Day Reading program that can teach kids to read alphabets and numbers easily with fun. The 10 minute reading program priced at $129.99 is now offered for an introductory price of $89.99. The Preschool believes that with good encouragement from parents and teachers, such kids can easily tap their potential.

The Preschool Assessment system measures the academic advance of a child and helps parents come up with activities that can augment the areas where the child is lacking. The official website of the Preschool and Kindergarten explains the Preschool supplemental materials and activities in detail. To read more about the Kindergarten and the teaching methods, visit www.adventuresofscubajack.com .

About Adventures of Scuba Jack Preschool & Kindergarten

The Creator of the Preschool is Beth Costanzo, an experienced teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. The Childcare center offers entertainment as well as education to kids, helping them learn new things in interesting ways. The Preschool aims to help kids reach higher grade levels in creativity and academics. In addition to various activities, the Preschool also offers printable activity books and educational DVDs.

Media Contact;

Beth Costanzo M Ed
Corporate Headquarters
16 Gibbs Hill Drive
Gloucester, MA. 01930
Phone: (978)491-0747
Email: beth@adventuresofscubajack.com

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