Employee Morale Goes Mobile with Morale.me iPhone App

Scottsdale, AZ – Morale.me (http://morale.me/) has officially launched today, giving employers a new way to track employee satisfaction. The iPhone app, currently free on the iTunes app store (http://x.co/imorale), allows employers to register via their LinkedIn credentials and invite employees to do the same and give monthly feedback via their iPhone.

“Employers typically engage with employees via annual reviews, which are usually done on a face-to-face basis, or maybe an online survey,” said founder Joel Cheesman, an online recruitment veteran. “We give employers a way to track employee feedback every month, leveraging the iPhone’s native push alert technology.”

The feedback works with a series of four smiley faces – happy, neutral, frowny and angry. Employees choose a face each month, based on how they currently feel about their job. Feedback is anonymous.

“Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile,” said Cheesman. “We help employers tap into this new reality. Younger workers, especially, are more mobile than ever.”

Recent surveys underscore the growing importance of employee engagement. Categories like work/life balance, making a difference and opportunities to advance are taking over desires like salary levels in the workforce, so keeping your finger on the pulse of how your workers feel is paramount.

Learn more at http://morale.me/ or download the app for free on iTunes at http://x.co/imorale

Joel Cheesman
Founder and CEO
joel at morale.me

Download at http://x.co/imorale

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