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Liposuction, or lipoaspiracao, is an increasingly popular medical technique used to remove fat from various areas of the human body. These treatments can be performed for a variety of reasons, from health to cosmetic, but one thing that never changes is the importance of performing lipo in a safe manner.

Sualipo focuses on performing all techniques related to the procedure in a way that focuses on the health and safety of customers. This process begins with the application of local anesthesia to the part of the body being treated. In general, the more anesthesia a patient is given to numb parts of their body, the more likely they are to suffer from various forms of surgical complications. Sualipo doesn’t focus on more invasive procedures, but instead performs each surgery in such a way that patients can head for home soon after the procedure has been completed.

All procedures performed by Sualipo take place in a facility approved by ANVISA, the National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil. This means that the surgical center where the treatment is performed includes a fully-equipped operating area, various emergency supplies (defibrillators, et cetera), a recovery area for patients treated with any degree of anesthetic, a contract with a hospital for patient removal in cases of emergency, air conditioning and filtering to keep the interior of the building as healthy as possible, and a private generator in case of a power outage to ensure that all elements of the treatment, including recovery, can be performed under just about any conditions.

In addition to meeting or exceeding all standards imposed by ANVISA, Sualipo performs all procedures with the assistance of a trained anesthesiologist who will remain in the room throughout the procedure. All anesthetics are delivered strictly in accordance with international guidelines on the maximum dose per unit of weight. By following these standards, Sualipo has been able to ensure that no patient has ever suffered from poisoning caused by an excess of chemicals within their body. In addition, while cases of anaphylactic shock in reaction to the use of anesthesia is very uncommon, the anesthesiologist present during the procedure is one of the most qualified medical professionals in the country for treating the condition. Patient safety is always a primary concern at Sualipo.

For more information on Liposuction and how Sualipo performs these techniques, including answers to a variety of frequently asked questions, visit If any questions remain, contact a representative of Sualipo directly or ask a doctor for advice.

Medical Disclaimer: Liposuction is a medical procedure that should only be performed under the supervision of a trained doctor. Different liposuction procedures and techniques are used in different situations, and if you are considering liposuction as an option for the removal of body fat, not all forms of liposuction may be appropriate for your needs. To find out more information on which procedures will be the safest and most effective for you, talk with your doctor. No element of this press release is intended to act as a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be regarded as advice. Embedded data.

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