Magnetic Name Tags for Your Organization, Planning and Incentive Needs Now Available

There are many ways to make a great impression. In the business or networking worlds, having Magnetic Name Tags to display your name, title or other designation is one of those ways. Your business name tags will project to clients that your company cares about its image, its customers and its brand name. In previous years in business or meeting environments, pin backing was required and this meant individuals had to punch holes in their own clothing to attach their name tags. In many cases, reputable businesses have switched over to using magnetic name tags. For this reason, has a lot to offer business owners who are considering the same switch.

How Do Magnetic Name Tags Work?

Magnetic name tags are made up of two separate pieces. The name tag piece itself is made up of a plastic front with your customization displayed and a metal bar attached on the backside. The second piece is an attaching piece that has three powerful magnets on its surface. When placing the badge on clothing, the front piece is placed over the clothing where the person wishes it to be displayed and the attaching bar is placed behind that area, allowing the magnet to hold through the clothing. While the grip this maintains will help keep the magnetic name tag attached, it is easily removed by separating the two pieces and breaking the magnetic field it creates.

Benefits of Magnetic Name Tags at Name-Tags.Net

There are a few benefits of using the magnetic options over the more traditional pin backing or even the paper options.

Strong Holding Power




Attaches without Damaging Clothing makes selection a whole world easier by providing a magnetic option for every tag they sell. However, those who have pacemakers should not wear magnetic name tags.

Ordering from Name-Tags.Net

Due in part to great advancements in technology as well as incredible customer service, has a great system that allows any magnetic name tag to be produced in one or two business days. It doesn’t matter whether a business or private consumer needs a large or small order. Today’s printing technology allows for print-on-demand services that allow to create the template for each order as it comes in.

This negates the more traditional processes that caused astute business owners to be forced to demand a minimum order or lose money themselves. They also offer same day shipping at no extra charge on rush orders when you do not have a few days to wait.

The products created by adhere to strict quality assurance guidelines and will meet those standards for each tag, regardless of the number in your order. In their products, consumers can expect:

Unlimited Customization Options

Flexible Range of Quality Materials from Metals to Plastics

A Variety of Different Backing Options

Digital Printing of Business Logos or Fonts

High-Quality End Products

Unlimited Color Choices

Don’t take chances with your company’s magnetic name tag requirements. Use a reputable, high-quality service like those offered at

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